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By calling or emailing us about your used drone and accessories we can help you, understand the steps that will get the most value out of your drone. Included in the listing price of $59.99 your drone will be inspected by a FAA licensed AMT, someone who is qualified to work on commercial and military aircraft. To maximize the value of your assets we recommend that you repair any defects that we may discover in order to provide the new buyer the comfort they need to have full confidence of its capability.

  1. To Sell your drone. Contact us.
  2. Send us your drone along with the inspection fee of $59.99.
  3. We receive your drone, take pictures of it when it arrives, then inspect it.
  4. Inspected by a licensed AMT. Offer repair, Some costs may vary if drone is not in full working order (Optional).
  5. Video Flight Test to prove unit is functional. Post report on website and sell it.
  6. Client buys your drone, we take 20% commission on your price and send you the rest.


No. Of Batteries 3
Type Of Gimbal Zenmuse 1x
Remote 2.4 Ghz
Price $1250

We make sure your drone is ready for its next home

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Do You Have Acessories? Yes

Let’s start a conversation on selling your drone

Now that you decided to sell your drone through DRONEFAX we need to walk you through a consignment agreement that allows us to legally sell your equipment. It’s important you fill out the information completely for everyone’s benefit. Once you have completed the document with the help of a DRONEFAX employee if needed, you can electronically sign the document and a copy will be sent to you for your records. Click the link below to start on this process.