DRONEFAX to Capture Unrealized Used Drone Market with Proprietary Inspection and Sales Model


DRONEFAX to Capture Unrealized Used Drone Market with

Proprietary Inspection and Sales Model


SARASOTA, FL, August 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — DRONEFAX, a first-of-its-kind used drone brokerage service, is creating new possibilities for the drone industry with its proprietary Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) technician inspections and unique selling style.

DRONEFAX is currently the only drone brokerage service that offers physical vehicle inspections by licensed FAA technicians, ensuring buyers with safe and functional drones

“Buying online is often an ambiguous experience, but we are incredibly excited to treat our buyers with the reassurance that comes from thorough inspections by FAA-licensed aviation maintenance professionals,” said Dori Sargent, the media coordinator for DRONEFAX. “Protecting our sellers and buyers is our number one concern.”

The FAA projects that by the 2020, nearly seven million drones may be sold in the U.S. The rising numbers are partly attributed to the relaxing limitations on companies. An increasing number of businesses will be allowed to use drones for tasks like inspecting rooftops. (fortune.com/2017/01/06/drones-registrations-soaring-faa)

“Every drone sold becomes ‘used’ the second it’s powered on,” Sargent added. “And right now, over a million drones are simply gathering dust. All those ‘hangar queens’ are opportunities. We thrive on creating a dynamic market for these older drones and giving them a new life outside of the garage.”

Owners searching for a new home for their drone can submit a sale request and send their vehicle to DRONEFAX, where it will be inspected, repaired and test flown. When it has passed inspection, the vehicle will be listed for sale.

Going forward, Sargent and the DRONEFAX team plan to build relationships with government and private enterprises to expand the platform. Eventually, DRONEFAX will feature a vast database of information on the used drone market, much like ecommerce services do for the used auto market.

For more information about DRONEFAX, visit dronefax.us.


At DRONEFAX, the goal is to bring customers the best and newest selection of used drones, all undergoing a thorough inspection and test-flown before being listed. The company’s consignment inventory has been inspected by an FAA AMT, a real licensed technician who works on real aircraft.


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