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At DRONEFAX it is our goal to bring you the best and newest selection of used drones. All have been inspected and flown before you buy. Our concept of consignment inventory that has been inspected by an FAA AMT, a real licensed inspector who works on real aircraft versus the amateur geek who have little or no training in aviation procedures. While a certificate from a manufacturer may provide some measure of comfort, it is the quality of service can only be provided by someone who is licensed by the FAA to work on real aircraft will be inspecting any drone placed in our inventory for sale.

Here at DRONEFAX, we provide an excellent selection of used drones that have been reviewed and tested unlike any other used a drone site. With our customer list of over 15,000 contacts that we email out weekly of the new arrivals, we have an excellent database of potential buyers for your drone.

Our 24 hour, 365 day availability provides you the opportunity to speak to a service professional at any time. Please call us at the 844-812-7393 number or send us an email at sales@dronefax.us

We hope to hear from you soon!

Address: 32932 Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 14-376, Dana Point, CA, 92629

Phone: (844) 812-7393